Who can qualify for admission in SDSCH?

  • Elders must be at least 55 years old, which is the qualifying age for Seniors according to Guam Law.
  • They should be free from communicable disease and/or mental disease (properly covered by special centers on Guam).
  • Their medical condition is not acute nor classified only for skilled nursing care with one-on-one close watch 24/7.
  • They can be chronically ill, but in a stable condition that needs long term care. Once the elder becomes acutely ill, he/she is sent to the hospital


  • We have 56 individual private rooms. Each room is provided with its own shower, toilet and closet.
  • We also have a large ward of 10 beds. Each bed has a side table and they share a big common toilet and bath.
  • We have the Activity Room where we provide for a variety of socialization for our residents. They follow a calendar of activities that includes bingo, movie matinee, nature walks and other fun games.
  • We have a large Dining Hall where residents can take their meals together.
  • We also have a chapel where we have the Daily Mass, Sunday Mass and other liturgical services throughout the year.
  • Our beautiful and wide spaced lobby is also the site where we hold our 5 big feasts during the year – Christmas, Easter, May Crowning, Thanksgiving and Grandparents Day. These are also the times that we encourage family reunion and gatherings.


  • We usually cater for the MIP (Medically Indigent Program) which is a local government project for the elderly. If the elder qualify on the program, the Guam Local Government will pay for their lodgings here at SDSCH. The families will pay for the supplement needs not covered by the program.
  • For Self-Pay daily rates kindly call us during office hours:
  • Mondays-thru Fridays from 8:30 – 3:30
  • Tel. +1 632-9370/8/9 or
  • Kindly send us a message, we will surely respond to your inquiry.