1987 July 11, 2017 and counting…

More than 30 years of history cannot be easily captured in just a page or two, but if what they say is true – if a picture truly is worth a thousand words – we hope this glimpse into our history will show how much God has blessed us through the years!  It has been and always is a joy to serve those who cannot help themselves and the passing of time leaves a trail of experience and learning in each one of us and a sense of the fullness of a life well lived.

Each day we see the importance of the family God has given us, as well as the family we now have and hold by choice and circumstance.  Every service we render gives us the opportunity to learn patience, grace, hope and love. Every difficulty ushers in perseverance and faith.  When we say our final goodbye to a resident, we realize each time how fleeting this life is.  In fact in our daily care for our residents we see how fast time flies and how fast we ourselves can grow old and sick!

It is our daily miracle when we get off work, as we put our hands together in a prayer of thanksgiving and say: Thank you dear Lord for this day and the opportunity to serve those who are most in need.  Thank you for our families and friends and our co-workers in this mission.  You are our encouragement and our strength, be with us all, as we continue your service of love here at St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home, now and for more years to come. Amen.

November 1982

Archbishop Felixberto Flores donated the land in Barrigada Heights, originally donated by Rosa Flores in the Archdiocese with the request to build a home for the aged of Guam.

October 1984

The groundbreaking ceremony of our building designed by the late Architect Alfredo Arizala and the laying of the cornerstone took place on October 13th, coincidentally the day of our Lady.

October 1986

The inauguration of our facility was witnessed by prominent members of the church, dignitaries of Guam, and met with incredible support from the community.

July 1987

After appointing Sr. Maria Fe Dural as the first administrator of the facility in 1986, we opened our doors to our first residents mostly coming from Guam Memorial Hospital in July 11, 1987.

December 2002

Just months after appointing Sr. Emelita Cinco as our 2nd administrator, the Super Typhonn Pongsona severely damaged our facility.  This was a test of our perseverance and commitment to serve. With the help of our Institute, The Religious Missionaries of St. Dominic, we withstood the storm and continued service…

December 2004

After 17 years of service and withstanding multiple typhoons, our facility was upgraded with a new roof to better protect our residents and staff from the elements.

July 2017

Records of operation show that we have served 600 individuals and families at St. Dominic’s as we celebrate our 30th anniversary.  With God’s blessing and abiding presence in our midst, we strive forward determined as ever to continue this work of love that we believe is greatly needed on Guam.